Anizo Spa Pedicure Chair

Anzio spa pedicure chair made in Taiwan
Anzio spa combines  8168 chair and 9137 base​​

Features of 8168 chair

  • Vibration with heating massage system.
  • Replaceable massage pad and pillow.
  • Manual swivel for chair turn easily.
  • Manual slider for chair forward/backward.
  • Manual handle for chair recline / incline.   

Features of 9137 base
  • 101 magnetic pipeless jet system.
  • Single or two tones acrylic color .  
  • Color changeable water light.
  • Adjustable acrylic foot rest .
  • 2 in 1 shower for spout and spray.
  • Single hand faucet for fresh water. 
  • Certificated flexible stainless hoses.     
Odyssey nail salon installed kalopi spa
101 magnetic jet
spray head
smile pipeless jet
drain pipe
acrylic poly bowl
acrylic pedicure sink
pedicure chair arm
pedicure chair massage