9155 pipeless spa bowl

         Haru pipeless spa pedicure​ 

 9155 pedicure spa base is formed by gray acrylic sheet reinforced with fiberglass . Combines artificial stone poly bowl with cleanest 101 magnetic pipeless jet system and water light. Adjustable foot rest can be pull to ideal position directly easy for technician for pedicure services. 

Poly bowl and foot rest are similar to a resin looks like ceramic which is hygienic and non porous. People call it as artificial stone too often used on senior kitchen counter tops. 
Clean and maintain surface with mild detergent and soft sponge or cloth easily. 

Kalopi 101 magnetic pipeless jet 
The 101 magnetic jet is made in Taiwan and installed for all of kalopi foot spa bases. The 101 magnetic jet brings pedicure spa sanitary to a whole new level. It is absolutely can make sure that the foot spa is easy to be cleaned and disinfected after each use.

  • Detachable cap cover ( impeller, housing) for easy clean.  
  • Unique design for powerful water whirlpool .
  • Certificated long life DC24V brushless motor  .
  • Motor auto off work if tank without enough water inside.
  • Motor auto off work if runs 30 minutes continually. 
  • DC12V LED light continue flash if overload.
  • Computerized control box with smart programs.
  • Easy detachable motor housing and motor ​  

engineered bowl and foot rest
  1. Magnetic pipeless jet
    Magnetic pipeless jet
    cleanest jet for spa pedicure
  2. 2 in1 Spray shower
    2 in1 Spray shower
    spray shower for spa pedicure
  3. Optional drain pump
    Optional drain pump
    drain waste water quickly
Pibbs pedicure massage spa
BT105 spa chair
new star massage chair

 Black back/seat, beige side /arms

 Black back/seat, black side / arms

Beige back/seat, black side/arms

The major thing about the pedicure spa is comfort. customer sit down right into comfort then they can release stress with Shiatsu massage easily. Customers can release the stress through Kalopi's BT 105 shiatsu massage chair . In order to offer the most satisfactory pedicure experiences, we can make sure you find the right Pedi. Spa chairs here.
  • BT 105 chair top is fully electric forward /backward , recline and incline at ease.
  • BT 105 chair top has rolling, punching and kneading shiatsu massage at back. 
  • BT 105 chair top has vibration massage at seat. 
  • Optional air bags massage at back / seat. 
  • Single hand remote with LCD screen.
  • Differ color for back , side and arms 
  • Brand can be showed on pillow.

  1. Chair control box
    Chair control box
  2. Optional wood trays
    Optional wood trays
  3. Remote control holder
    Remote control holder