Granito spa pedicure chair​

Pibbs Granito  pedicure chair

The 9125 foot spa base body  is formed by solid black or black pearl acrylic sheet reinforced with fiberglass . It combines engineered stone pedicure sink with pipeless jet system. Foldable foot rest. 
The spa pedicure is an amazing treatment, maybe the most relaxing one. The technician will work on customers toenails all the way up to knees.
The major thing about the pedicure spa is comfort. Customer sit down right into comfort then they can release stress with shiatsu massage easily.

Customers can release the stress through Kalopi 
BT 105 shiatsu massage chair .  In order to offer the most satisfactory pedicure experiences, we can make sure you find the right pedicure spa chairs here.

black granito pedicure spa
poly pedicure bowl

Granite engineered bowl and foot rest are similar to artificial stone.  Looks like ceramic which is hygienic and non porous.

It is often  used on senior kitchen counter tops. Very clean to clean and acetone free completely. 

remote control of kalopi spa
This  8168 chair designed with vibration massage and heat system  

The seat is manual recline, move forward or move backward. Replaceable massage pad with single hand remote control.    
removable massage pad
easy service massage pad
nail salon chairs
nail salon chairs