Manufacturing  pedicure spa in Taiwan . Offer many style of spa    pedicure chairs with cleanest pipeless jets and comfortable shiatsu        massage chairs.  ​Welcome nail suppliers or wholesalers joins us.     

​​ Kalopi pedicure spa since 1996 

San Marino Pedicure Spa

Glass bowl with cleanest 101 pipefree jet

San Marino Pipeless Pedicure Spa with Glass Bowl features the famous Shiatsu Massage Chair Top. This Pedicure Chair is a pipe-free jet system with 101 removable magnetic jet that is very easy to clean.

This 9153 acrylic spa base features a durable glass gold color basin with adjustable foot rest , sleek European design, drainage system with optional drain pump, and flexible stainless steel hoses.

The base body is made of acrylic reinforced with fiberglass for extreme durability and the glass bowl is the strongest basin option on the market.

The BT 105 chair top is fully electric and moves forward and backward at ease. This pedicure chair top also features rolling, punching and kneading Shiatsu Massage.  Your brand can be showed on pillow.  
San Marino spa pedicure
San Marino spa pedicure chair
San Marino Spa Series  
glass bowl spa pedicure
spa pedicure with glass bowl
San Marino A Pipeless Pedicure Spa with Glass Bowl features the HH100 Shiatsu Massage Chair Top.
 San Marino B Pipeless Pedicure Spa with Glass Bowl features the BT 105 Shiatsu plus Air Massage Chair Top.
  1. Liner for glass spa bowl
    Liner for glass spa bowl
    Absolutely sure the cleanest pedicure bowl with kalopi 101 jet with plastic liner
  2. 101 Pipefree Jet
    101 Pipefree Jet
    Make sure that the foot spa sink is easy to be cleaned and disinfected after each use.
  3. Optional Wood Trays
    Optional Wood Trays
    Chair arms can be installed wood trays for manicure and hold drink.
up and down foot rest

Adjustable Foot Rest 

Our adjustable foot rest can be pull up and push down to ideal position directly good for technican works. The main features for this spa pedicure includes waterproof on/off  button that controls the power of the pipe less jet.  Cleanest 101 jet. 

It even includes cold and hot water valve with optional water discharging pump. Water light emitting diode lamps which can be changed into different colors automatically.    
drain pump for spa pedicure

FT25E Discharge Pump (Drain Pump)

  •  AC motor with one minute timer built-in.

  • Operated by On/Off light button with reliable P.C. board.

  • 1/2 inch ends can drain waste water quickly

  • 1/2 inch ends make sure no dead skin or dirty be locked.

  • Attached Non- return valve
  • Easy install and quiet AC motor  
Video Show of San Marino