Manufacturing  pedicure spa in Taiwan . Offer many style of spa    pedicure chairs with cleanest pipeless jets and comfortable shiatsu        massage chairs.  ​Welcome nail suppliers or wholesalers joins us.     

​​ Kalopi pedicure spa since 1996 

Glass bowl of spa pedicure chair
  Lotus Glass Spa Pedicure chair
glass bowl spa pedicure chair
Glass bowl with pipeless jet
Lotus Glass Spa Pedicure combines 9159 base with HH100 chair

The 9159 pedicure spa base body is formed by solid black acrylic sheet reinforced with fiberglass . It is installed Crystal Glass Bowl with 101 magnetic pipeless jet system . Adjustable PU foot rest with single faucet and 2 in 1 spray head. Optional drain pump.  

The spa pedicure is an amazing treatment, maybe the most relaxing one. The technician will work on customers toenails all the way up to knees. It is in the process of aromatherapy that feet are washed in glass water bowl and this helps in soothing skin beneath the feet.

The major thing about the pedicure spa is comfort. Customer sit down right into comfort then they can release stress with Shiatsu massage easily. Customers can release the stress through Kalopi's HH100 shiatsu massage chair .  In order to offer the most satisfactory pedicure experiences, we can make sure you find the right Pedi. Spa chairs here.
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kalopi cleanest magnet jet
101 magnetic pipeless jet

The 101 magnetic jet is made in Taiwan and installed for all of kalopi pedicure spa bases. The 101 pipless jet brings pedicure spa sanitary to a whole new level. It is absolutely can make sure that the foot spa is easy to be cleaned and disinfected after each use.

  • Detachable cap cover ( impeller, housing) for easy clean.  
  • Unique design for powerful water whirlpool .
  • DC24V brushless motor with UL/ CE certificated.
  • Motor auto off work if sink without enough water inside.
  • Motor auto off work if jet nozzles was blocked 
  • On/ off button continue flash if motor off work.
  • Computerized control box with 30 minutes timer built-in.
  • Easy detachable motor housing and motor for after services .

2 in 1 spray head is a good tool
drain system of spa pedicure