Manufacturing  pedicure spa in Taiwan . Offer many style of spa    pedicure chairs with cleanest pipeless jets and comfortable shiatsu        massage chairs.  ​Welcome nail suppliers or wholesalers joins us.     

​​ Kalopi pedicure spa since 1996 


    Anizo Spa Pedicure Chair

Anzio spa combines  8168 chair and 9137 base

Features of 8168 chair

  • Vibration with heating massage system.
  • Replaceable massage pad and pillow.
  • Manual swivel for chair turn easily.
  • Manual slider for chair forward/backward.
  • Manual handle for chair recline / incline.   

Features of 9137 base
  • 101 magnetic or smile pipeless jet system.
  • Single or two tones acrylic color .  
  • Color changeable water light.
  • Adjustable acrylic foot rest .
  • 2 in 1 shower for spout and spray.
  • Single hand faucet for fresh water. 
  • Certificated flexible stainless hoses.