Kalopi is pedicure spa chairs manufacturer in Taiwan since 1996. Offer many models          of spa pedicure with magnetic pipeless jets and comfortable shiatsu massage spa chairs .      

​​Pedicure spa chairs manufacturer 

About Kalopi
Taiwan Kalopi Co., Ltd is the first spa pedicure chairs exporter in Taiwan since 1996. We also set up KSI Global LLC for production in year 2006. In the past years ,we have more professional experience and marketed our pedicure spa chairs over 2,000 nail salons in 20 countries via nail and beauty suppliers.  Sincerity, Efficiency, Honesty, and Quality are the core values . Sincerely welcome you be one of our global marketing team.   

Spa pedicure services is a professional jobs via technicians at nail salons or spa stores for the feet and toenails that usually begins with a warm and clean whirlpool foot bath. Kalopi manufactures high quality acrylic foot spa base with cleanest magnetic pipefree pedicure sinks and comfotable spa massage chair for your salons. 

  1. 20
    Years Experience
  2. 2000
    Salons Use
  3. 20
    Countries sold

Main features of kalopi pedicure spa chairs  

  1. Comfortable  shiatsu pedicure chairs  combines kneading, tapping and rolling massage
    Massage Chairs
    Comfortable shiatsu pedicure chairs combines kneading, tapping and rolling massage
  2. kalopi uses pipeless jet for pedicure spa
    Magnetic Pipefree Jet
    Cleanest 101 magnetic pipefree jet with DC24V brushless motor that brings sanitary to a cleanest level.
  3. Pedicure Bowls
    Pedicure Bowls
    Spa base was made by Taiwanese acrylic with pearl pigments. Install glass or engineered stone bowls.

  Kalopi spa pedicure chair

Pedicure spa services is an effective way of therapy which helps improve the feet and toenails health.  It ­protect the ­­­­­­feet from getting any type of nail disorders or nail infection. The most effective methods is pedicure technician services you via kalopi pipefree pedicure spa at salons.

It is in the process that feet are washed in water sink by pipefree jet and this helps in soothing skin beneath the feet. The technician trims nails in differ shapes. The use of exfoliation scrub helps remove dead skin.  
At present, there are different kinds of spa pedicure chairs can be used for feet. We developed acrylic pedicure sinks , engineered stone bowls and glass pedicure bowls with cleanest pipeless magnetic jet  for your choices.  

A pedicure massage chair is mainly employed for human touch massage system and relaxation for back. Kalopi pedicure spa massage chairs are also available in different colors with  wood or leather arms. 

Kalopi spa pedicure chairs can be moved front and back either electronic or manual . Our pedicure massage chairs provides massages like vibration, kneading, tapping, rolling massage for choice. It also includes remote control with the display screen.  

Kalopi spa bases has MET certification complies with UL and CSA .
We also have CE / Rohs safety certificates for European markets.